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Copper 50 WP - Fighting against Vegetable and Fruit Disease - 15 g Target

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    effective in combating disease
    wide range of applications
    possible in preventive application

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 Copper 50 WP is a fungicide and bactericide in the form of powder for the preparation of a water suspension with surface effect for preventive use in the protection against diseases, in the amateur cultivation of low stem fruit trees and vegetable plants in allotment and house gardens. Very effective spraying on many vegetables and fruits, including tomatoes and cucumbers.
Method of use

The agent is intended exclusively for use with handheld sprayers with a capacity of up to 10 l, excluding sprayers with combustion or electric drive. Plants should be sprayed in such a way that they are thoroughly moistened but no drops are formed on them.
Composition and packaging size

Composition: copper in the form of copper oxychloride - 50% (500 g / kg)

Package size: 15 g - sufficient for approx. 7.5 liters of liquid.

The product label of Miedzian 50 WP is available for download under the opinion section.
Preparation of the usable liquid

Make the application liquid immediately before the treatment, close the sprayer tightly and mix it in accordance with the instruction manual for the sprayer type. When working with the agent, strictly observe the recommended precautions, notes and contraindications.

Additional information: It is best to carry out the spraying on a windless day, possibly during a very weak wind that does not allow the application liquid to be carried out on adjacent crops and the operator performing the treatment.

Spray fruit trees, tomatoes and other plants. Plants growing nearby, especially those intended for harvest and consumption, should be protected by covering them with plastic foil. After the liquid has dried, the foil folds the upper side inwards, so that during the next use of the foil, the clean (unsprayed) side is applied to the protected plants. After the treatment, the equipment used for preparing the liquid and the sprayer should be washed and rinsed with water. Use it only for treatment with plant protection products.
Diseases and dosage

Apply the measure as a precautionary measure or in accordance with the signaling during periods of expected disease risk. Apply it 2-3 times a season every 7-10 days, from the beginning of inflorescence development to the phase when 50% of the fruit will get the typical color (BBCH phases 51-85). Use alternately with fungicides belonging to other chemical groups with different mechanism of action.
Plant and disease: dosage:
potato / potato pestilence 25 g in 3 l water
apple tree, pear tree / scab tree, scab pear tree 15 g in 6 l water
apple tree, pear tree / pestilence 15 g in 6 l water (flowering)
7.5 g in 6 l of water (fruit growth)
cherry / brown rot of stone trees 30 g in 6 l water
cherry, cherry / stone tree bacterial cancer 30 g in 6 l water (bud swelling)
15 g in 6 l of water (flowering and fruit growth)
peach / peach leaf curl 1% (10 g of agent in 1 l of water)
cucumber (in the ground) / bacterial angular spottedness, powdery mildew 25 g in 7 l of water
tomato (in the ground) / potato blight, bacterial motility 25 g in 7 l water
tomato (under protection) / potato blight, bacterial motility 0.3% (30 g in 10 l water)
bean / anthracnose, rimmed bacteriosis, grey mould 30 g in 7 l water
larch / larch cover 0.5 - 1% (50 - 100 g agent in 10 l of water)
The grace period

The period from the last application to the day of harvest of the crop (grace period):

    apples - 7 days
    pears - 7 days
    cherries - 7 days
    cherries - 7 days
    peaches - not applicable
    tomato - 7 days
    cucumber - 7 days
    beans - 7 days

Do not allow the spray liquid to drift outside the area of application.

During the flowering of the crop it is recommended to use the product outside the periods of activity of the bees.

Use plant protection products safely. Before each use, read the information on the label and product information. The purchase of plant protection products may only be made by persons of legal age and having the qualifications required for persons purchasing plant protection products, specified in Article 28 (DZ.U.2018, item 1310) of the Act on Plant Protection Products.

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