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Kretołap - mole trap

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  • an effective mole trap
  • works within 48 hours
  • easy to mount
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Kretołap is a fast and effective method of fighting moles. The setting of a pyrotechnic trap takes 1 minute and one firecracker allows 50 molehills to be removed. The functioning of the trap takes advantage of the characteristic behaviour of the animal: the mole returns to the uncovered hole in the molehill, where the firecracker was placed within 24 - 48 hours. The final effect is the explosion of the firecracker placed in the tunnel. This is the number 1 product in sales in France. Each set contains. 1 mole trap, 5 firecrackers, 1 battery tester, 2 levers and a user handbook. The mole trap is a product which can be used on many occasions - complementary sets of firecrackers and a repair kit are also available on the market.

This is the number 1 sales product in France.

Note: Biocidal products must be used maintaining all safety precautions. Before each use, read the product label and information.


The mole trap is a pyrotechnic trap for moles, which will help us in the effective riddance of pests from our garden. It is very easy to instal (it takes only 1 minute to lay it) and use it. It already begins to work within 48 hours. No one has ever invented any better mole trap yet.

Directions for use

The new molehill must be levelled and an open hole must left in it. Insert the pyrotechnic element into the tunnel. The trap should be placed in an unarmed position, then the material should be connected. Place the sensor in the hole entry. The trap should be switched from the unarmed position to the armed position.

The final effect is the shot of a part of the device, which is placed in the tunnel. If the signalling device is switched off after a period of 24 hours, this means that the device fired a shot. Otherwise, leave the trap in the tunnel for the next 24 hours. If the signalling device still flashes after 2-3 days, it is necessary to change the mound. Never connect the shooting element outside the tunnel, as its shot in the open space poses a risk of injury. Never hit the trap with a tool!

Packaging content

The product contains: 1 mole trap, 5 pyrotechnic elements, 1 battery tester, 1 lever and 1 user handbook.


The product is a pyrotechnic trap, which is used to control moles.

Detailed instructions for use

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Product reviews

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