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Magnicur Energy 840 SL - For substrate disinfection - 100 ml Protect Garden

    combats soil diseases
    Recommended for substrate decontamination
    for any crop

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Magnicur Energy is a fungicide preparation designed to protect plants grown in the ground and under covers: roses, ornamental plants and seedlings, seedlings and vegetables. The product contains two active substances, thanks to which it has a wide spectrum of action against fungal and other fungal diseases. Magnicur Energy acts both interventionally and preventively, additionally stimulating plant growth. After application, it is quickly absorbed by the plants and then transported to all organs. It protects the aboveground parts and roots. It is particularly recommended for disinfecting the substrate before or after sowing or planting.

It fights: Phytophthorosis and other fungal degenerative diseases such as seedling and cuttings gangrene, root rot, rot and is used to disinfect compost soil and substrates used to produce seedlings.
How to use?

Magnicur Energy is a concentrate to dilute with water. The preparation can be used in the form of spraying or watering. It can be used as a preventive measure or immediately after the first symptoms of diseases.

The exact dose depends on the disease to be treated and its severity and type of cultivation. Each time the dose should be considered individually, based on the information contained in the manufacturer's label. Indicative doses are given below:

    Tomato, cucumber (ring rot, seedling gangrene, root rot)
        decontamination - 25 ml of agent per 2 litres of water per 100 liters of substrate
        watering - 15 ml of agent per 10 l of water
    bell pepper (seedling gangrene, phytophthorosis caused by fungal organisms of the genera Pythium spp. and Phytophthora spp.)
        disinfection - 5 ml of agent per 2 litres of water per 100 liters of medium
        watering - 10-15 ml of agent per 10 l of water
    head cabbage (seedling gangrene, phytophthorosis caused by fungi-like organisms of the genus Pythium spp. and Phytophthora spp.)
        decontamination - 25 ml of agent per 2 l of water per 100 l of medium
        watering - 10-15 ml of agent per 10 l of water
    Ornamental plants in the ground (phytophthorosis, seedling and cuttings rotting, root rot, rot) - 20 ml of agent per 10 l of water
    rhododendron (phytophthorosis) - 25 ml of agent per 10 l of water
    rose (powdery mildew) - 20 ml of agent per 10 l of water

Withdrawal period

The period from the last application to the day of harvest of the crop:

    tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, head cabbage - 3 days
    ornamental plants - not applicable

Composition of the preparation

Active substance: aluminium phosphate 310 g/l, propamocarb hydrochloride 530 g/l

Use plant protection products safely. Before each use, read the information on the label and product information. Only persons of full age and having the qualifications required for persons purchasing plant protection products, as defined in Article 28 (DZ.U.2018, item 1310) of the Act on Plant Protection Products, may purchase plant protection products.


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