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Old Lawns - Weedfighting on Lawn - 20 ml Target

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it has a systemic effect circulating in the plant
completely safe for grass
fights many common weeds

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Old Lawns 260 EW is a preparation for removing dicotyledonous weeds on lawns, sports fields and golf courses. Its action is systemic, which means that it penetrates the plant and destroys it from inside, including its roots. It prevents weeds from growing back through offshoots. It is very effective and guarantees long-term effects. In the first stage it causes deformation, weed growth inhibition, then withering and complete dying.
Advantages of using the agent Starane Lawns

    Eliminates many popular weeds on lawns
    It does not damage the lawn, it is completely safe
    Destroys weeds from the inside, together with the roots
    Quick effect after application, first symptoms of the preparation after 1-2 days
    Contains 3 different active substances, which strengthens the effect and efficiency

Combats weeds: lanceolate grandmother, common grandmother, common starfish, white clover, odorless maruna, common dandelion, hugging, common daisy, field sorrel, blunt sorrel.
How does Old Lawns work

The preparation works in a systemic way, which means that it destroys weeds from the inside. After an hour from application it is taken by the green parts of the plant. It circulates in the plant with its juices, also reaching the roots. The first visible effects of the application of Old Lawns are visible already after 1-2 days. In the first stage the weeds are deformed and their growth and development is inhibited. Complete withering and dying occurs after about 1-4 weeks, depending on the weed species, growth phase and weather conditions.
Application of the agent Staré Lawns

It is recommended to use the preparation during the period of intensive weed growth, from spring to early autumn. Spraying with the agent Starane Lawns should be done on a cloudy and warm day, not in full sun, on moist soil. Do not mow the lawn 3 days before and 3 days after the treatment. Any possible watering of the lawn should be done min. 12 hours after spraying.

The product is intended for use with a sprayer. Pour the pre-determined and measured amount of the preparation into the tank, partially filled with water. Fill up with water. Stir thoroughly and start spraying. After the procedure, the sprayer must be thoroughly washed and rinsed several times with water.

The period from the application of the agent to the day on which they can enter the area:

    people - 12 hours
    livestock - 21 days

Dosing of the preparation Starane Lawns

The recommended dose is about 30-40 ml for 3-4 liters of water per 100 m2. Depending on the degree of weed infestation of the lawn.

A pack of 20 ml is sufficient for spraying about 50 m2 of lawn. This amount of the preparation should be dissolved in 2 liters of water.

Composition: fluroxypyr 40 g/l (3.66%); clopyralid 20 g/l (1.83%); MCPA 200 g/l (18.34%).
The Starane Trawniki product label is available for download under the comments section.


Use plant protection products safely. Before each use, read the information on the label and product information. Only persons of full age and having the qualifications required for persons purchasing plant protection products, as defined in Article 28 (DZ.U.2018, item 1310) of the Plant Protection Products Act, may purchase plant protection products.
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