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Rodicum Extra - Rat and Nornice poison paste - 200 g (20x10 g) Protect Home

Vendor: Protect Home

    comfortable sachets
    effectiveness confirmed by tests
    one trap can eliminate the entire nest

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An agent in the form of ready-to-use bait (in sachets) to fight vole around buildings and rats inside and around buildings.
Rodicum Extra is an incredibly effective preparation!

    The unique composition of fats and carbohydrates effectively attracts all individuals
    the amount of active substance adapted to the new EU requirements
    Formulation only available from SBM
    lack of resistance to the active substance
    contains Bitrex to discourage accidental consumption
    100% effectiveness in rodent control confirmed by laboratory tests


Just lining the poison sachets to the deratization stations

Regular inspections of the deratisation stations should be carried out (at least every 5-7 days at the beginning of the rodent control period and at least once a week thereafter) in order to: determine the efficacy of the product, assess the condition of the deratisation stations and remove fallen rodents. The bait consumed by the rodents should be supplemented.

    Other potential sources of rodent food (e.g. spilled grain or food residues) should be removed before the treatment starts
    Deratisation stations should be located in the immediate vicinity of areas where rodent activity has been observed (e.g. pathways, nesting sites, feeding sites for farm animals, holes, burrows, etc.).
    Wherever possible, the deratisation stations should be fixed to the ground or other structures
    The lure should not be removed from the sachets
    Deratization stations should be placed in places that are inaccessible to children, birds, pets, farm animals and non-target animals.
    Deratization stations should be placed away from food, drink and animal feed and away from kitchen utensils and surfaces in contact with them.
    Do not place deratization stations near areas where they may come into contact with surface waters


Ratfighting: 200 g of lure for a deratization station. If more than one deratization station is required, the minimum distance between the stations should be 5-20 m. Distribute the stations in places that are protected against flooding. Replace any lure damaged or contaminated by water.

Fighting voles: 20 g of bait per trap. If more than one deratization station is required, the minimum distance between the stations should be 5 m. Within 10 days 1-3 treatments should be performed.


Biocidal products should be used with precautions. Read the label and product information before each use.

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