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Soil pH raising agent

Vendor: Target
  • effectively deacidifies the soil
  • raises soil pH
  • pH + medium is soil fertilizer
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pH+ substrate is a fertiliser for soil application which is intended for the fertilisation of soil and correction of its pH value. Its purpose is to deacidify the soil. The product contains substances which improve the properties of liquids, which affects the length and effectiveness of the deacidification treatment. The treatment may be carried out before the establishment of crops and also during the vegetation period. The product should be applied for the purpose of the proper preparation of the substrate for alkalinophiles such as vegetables (e.g. lettuce, cabbage, carrot and parsley), fruit trees (e.g. apple tree, pear tree and plum tree), lawns or grapevines and clematis. Furthermore, by increasing the pH value of the substrate, adverse conditions for the development of burdensome moss are created.

Apply directly into the soil before establishing crops, at a concentration of 1% (100 ml per 10 l of water). Dissolve the measured amount of the formulation, mix it and then water the area of 10 m2. If necessary, repeat the treatment until the desired pH value is obtained. It is recommended to measure the pH value of the substrate in order to ascertain its expected pH value.

In the case of certain plants deacidification of soil through the correction of its pH value brings many positive effects. To ensure the best conditions for growth to plants, we should get the TARGET pH substrate which deacidifies the soil and increases its pH value.


This is a fertiliser for soil application which is intended for the deacidification of soil in the case of plants, which require this to ensure their appropriate growth and development. The product contains substances which improve the properties of the liquid, therefore, the deacidification treatment lasts very long and is extremely effective. The plants may flower abundantly, yield very good crops and become more resistant to different diseases.

Directions for use

The soil deacidification treatment is recommended before the establishment of crops, however, it can be successfully carried out also during the vegetation period. The fertiliser is used to prepare the appropriate earth in the growing of alkalinophiles such as lettuce, cabbage, carrot, parsley, and also fruit trees, e.g. apple tree, pear tree, plum tree, lawns, grapevine, clematis.

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Product reviews

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