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Universal fertilizer - 3 kg Azophoska

Vendor: Azofoska

    comprehensive and versatile fertilizer
    for many types of crops
    provides the necessary nutrients

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Azofoska universal fertilizer is the highest quality fertilizer for people looking for a comfortable and effective way of feeding plants in the garden. The fertilizer is in the form of granules and is intended for feeding vegetables, lawns, annual and perennial flowers, as well as fruit and ornamental trees and shrubs. It can be used both in field crops, greenhouse crops, under cover and in the garden.

Azophoska is a complex fertilizer that contains all the necessary nutrients to ensure proper plant growth and development.
Azophoska granulate is

    Fast-acting fertilizer with versatile application and easy application. It is ideal for feeding vegetables, annual and perennial flowers, as well as ornamental and fruit trees and shrubs.
    Rich in microelements composition of nutrients with very high effectiveness and easily absorbed by plants. By using Azophoska you will make your plants less susceptible to diseases and pests.
    low chloride content in the fertilizer. The less chloride in fruit and vegetables, the better their taste and longer storage of yields and higher quality of preserves.
    best for use before sowing or planting


Azofoska fertilizer is easy to apply, shows quick and comprehensive action. It significantly increases plant resistance to diseases and pests. The product is best used before sowing or planting.

    Annual plants. Before sowing or planting the plants the whole recommended dose is spread evenly on the fertilized surface and mixed thoroughly with e.g. rakes and spade or plough, harrow or soil ripper with a cultivated soil layer.
    Perennial plants. The recommended dose is spread as early as possible in spring, evenly over the fertilized area, preferably once. In the case of late top dressing, avoid spreading fertilizer on wet plants and do not apply a dose greater than 5 kg/100m2.


    late cabbage, Brussels sprouts, red cabbage, cauliflower, pumpkin - 120-150 g/m2 once before sowing/planting (25% of the dose can be applied 2-3 weeks after planting the seedling)
    onion, leek, celery - 120-150 g/m2 once before sowing/planting (25% of the dose can be applied 2-3 weeks after planting the seedlings) (25% of the dose can be applied in the main - not later than 15 June)
    beet, kohlrabi, garlic, bell pepper - 60-70 g/m2 once before sowing / planting (in beet cultivation 20% of the dose 2-3 weeks after sunrise)
    tomato, cucumber, parsley, carrot - 100-120 g/m2 once before sowing/sowing
    early cabbage - 80-100 g/m2 once a few days before sowing / planting
    lettuce, radish, swede - 50-60 g/m2 once a few days before sowing/ planting
    beans, peas, broad beans - 30-40 g/m2 once a few days before sowing/ planting
    sweetcorn 40-60 g/m2 once a few days before sowing/ planting

The fertilizer should be applied as early as possible, mixing it with a 10-20 cm thick layer of soil. If the vegetables are grown in 1 year after the manure the dose of fertilizer should be reduced by 20-40%.
Ornamental plants

    chrysanthemums, peony, iris, tulip, pansies, dahlias, sunflower seeds, tin, clove, levonia, gladiolus - 50-80 g/m2 once, in spring after the soil has thawed out
    begonia, marigold, aster, petunia, lily, velvet, narcissus, daisy, sage - 40-60 g/m2 once, in spring after the soil has thawed
    amaranth, macaque, nasturtium, geranium, knotweed - 30-40 g/m2 once, in spring after the soil has thawed
    coniferous and deciduous trees and shrubs - before planting - 40-50 g/m2 once, in spring (before planting, mix the fertilizer with 20 cm thick soil layer, use 50% of the dose if using compost or manure)
    coniferous trees and shrubs - 30-40 g/m2 once, in spring (fertilize on an area corresponding to the diameter of the crown, mixing with soil)

    For plants flowering in summer, the treatment can be repeated in the middle of May using 50% of the dose, if possible mix the fertilizer with the soil

Fruit trees and bushes

    fruit trees in 1 year after planting - 15-30 g/m2 twice, in early spring and mid June
    young orchards (2-4 years old) - 60-80 g/m2 once in spring
    fruit orchards (over 4 years) - 40-60 g/m2 once in spring
    currants and gooseberries - 50-70 g/m2 once in spring
    raspberries, strawberries in 1 year - 40-60 g/m2 once in spring
    Strawberries in the following years - 20-40 g/m2 once in spring

Fertilize with a wide ring 20-30 cm from the tree to the end of the growing young, uncut crown shoots; in the first years, fertilize the berry bushes in spring once; after entering the fruiting period, fertilize twice 50% of the dose 2 weeks before flowering and 2 weeks after flowering.

    recreational - 30 g/m2 from spring, every 4 weeks (fertilize after mowing the grass, apply until August 15, do not exceed the total dose of 150 g/m2 per year)

Fertiliser composition

    13.3% total nitrogen
    5.5% - nitrate nitrogen


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